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Automated P2P partner marketing platform

We connect businesses and automate the partner marketing for you

How it works

Exhange leads to octo-points

Join the partner network

OctoAds uses simple integration and AI to build a trusted partner network for your business.

Configure your web app

See PM automation in action

We fully automate partner marketing (PM) by using AI. No human factor, no risk.

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Acquire new customers

Observe new customers coming from the partners with detailed statistics.

Partner marketing automation solutions

Post-purchase modal

We show partner's offer in a modal after checkout

OctoAds uses AI to show the best offer for the user at the moment he just checked out. We show him a native modal with partner's offer.

Use Case:

  1. User finished purchase
  2. OctoAds shows a partner's offer in a modal window
  3. To use the offer user has to provide his email
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Post-subscription offer

We reward the user with another offer

At the moment the user just subscribed, we show partner's offer without breaking the customer journey.

Use case:

  1. A user subscribed to a newsletter
  2. He sees the confirmation and partner's offer
  3. A user subscribes for a partner's offer
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Post-purchase email

We complement purchase with partner's offer

OctoAds uses AI to determine the best offer for the user at the moment he finished the purchase and sends him an email.

Use Case:

  1. User finished purchase
  2. OctoAds sends a partner's offer on a company's behalf
  3. To use the offer user has to provide his email
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Frequently-asked questions

Learn how OctoAds platform helps businesses to cooperate.

How does it work?

OctoAds is a marketplace to find business partners. Your company uses own customers to advertise third party goods/services and gets leads from other OctoAds users.

How can I get leads to my business?

Right after registration OctoAds will ask few questions to identify your customer portrait. Then you just set you maximum lead bid and start getting leads. No technical skills required.

Is it free to get leads?

Yes, it's 100% free if you want to do a lead exchange. You can also buy leads if you don't want to advertise OctoAds partners.

How can I earn money with OctoAds?

After getting octo-points you can exchange them to money with rate 1 point equals $1.