Lead Exchange

Exchange your old leads to new ones

Utilize customers who finished a purchase by exchanging them to new leads absolutely free

Exhange leads to octo-points

Exchange leads to octo-points

You recommend to your customers who just finished a purchase to use partner services. The customer likes it and opts into your partner.

Configure your webapp

Configure your web app

To manage honest lead exchange OctoAds tracks conversions and clicks with simple integration into your website. That's just a few lines of JS code.

Get free leads

Get new leads or money

Points, earned in OctoAds can be exchanged to new leads or withdrawn as money. Users from OctoAds have 7x more conversion rate than users from regular ads.

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Get free leads

OctoAds takes best from affiliate networks and gives it to the hands of business owners and managers, who wants to bring new leads. We are building partner networks and automate partner relations.

Here is how it works

You use automated ways to advertise partners over the OctoAds platform:

  • The system shows related service/goods ad right after your customer is finishing a purchase
  • The system sends email on your behalf to the recent customers offering related partner services/goods
  • You send newsletters prepared by the system your customers will like
  • Use dozens of other ways how to advertise over OctoAds and earn octo-points

After you have octo-points, other OctoAds partners will generate leads for you the same way.

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Auction-based pricing - best ROI

OctoAds use set of custom tools to generate the best revenue for the marketing agencies.

To maximize the profit of our publisher and avoid scam while CPA we created:

  • Auction-based lead price policy
  • Best in class landing page generator with the best call to action
  • Inbuilt trackers which prevent any kind of scam
  • Smart links which switch ads to a max-paying advertiser

Together with professional support team and 2-week consistent payouts, we are proud to provide best ROI on the market.

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Schedule a free call with us to learn more about the platform

Frequently-asked questions

Learn how OctoAds platform helps businesses to cooperate.

How does it work?

OctoAds is a marketplace to find business partners. Your company uses own customers to advertise third party goods/services and gets leads from other OctoAds users.

How can I get leads to my business?

Right after registration OctoAds will ask few questions to identify your customer portrait. Then you just set you maximum lead bid and start getting leads. No technical skills required.

Is it free to get leads?

Yes, it's 100% free if you want to do a lead exchange. You can also buy leads if you don't want to advertise OctoAds partners.

How can I earn money with OctoAds?

After getting octo-points you can exchange them to money with rate 1 point equals $1.