Lead exchange platform

OctoAds provides a most convenient platform for lead exchange.

How does it work?

1. Get system points

OctoAds provides you with links and marketing materials to show them to your customers. Each your customer which converted to the lead for another OctoAds partner will benefit you with system points (this is internal money).

If you don't want to show prepared ads to your customers, you can just buy system points.

2. Configure lead tracking

OctoAds charges system points only for leads, it leaves no way for any kind of deception. To order leads from OctoAds you also need to insert a small piece of tracking code in your website. This code will notify which affiliate click was converted into a lead.

There is one more option to use OctoAds without code insertion: just use inbuilt landing page generator which will already have all the tracking code required.

OctoAds regularly checks the performance of tracking code using a ML algorithm to prevent any kind of scam.

3. Buy leads on live auction

Different leads have different values, to determine real lead price OctoAds use an auction. You don't pay for a traffic but pay for real leads. Once you need clients, you just place your auction bid and watch new leads coming to your website.

Why it is free?

When a user is getting octo-points on his balance, the system charge 20% of each funding transaction. That means that you don't pay anything, just get 20% fewer leads than you are giving. But the system stays absolutely free for you.

Need more details?

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To make lead exchange process convenient and reliable OctoAds platform provides:

  • Reliable leads/clicks tracking
  • Fraud detection software to prevent any kind of deception
  • AI-based lead exchange generator
  • Prepared marketing materials: newsletters, banners, videos, context pages, popunders, and HTML pages.
  • Social-based partner network: empowers affiliates to build stronger relations and limit partner network with specific companies.
  • Reliable analytical tools
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OctoAds makes the lead exchange more transparent by showing real results of partnership. All the processes in the system fully automated which makes cooperation process quick and transparent.

OctoAds uses the power of AI to generate ideas on how to utilize customers of your company with the best profit for you. Once you registered and filled the questionnaire, the system will prepare a list of ways with marketing materials how to get maximum benefits of partner network.