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Welcome to OctoAds. We’re the high-performance innovative affiliate marketing company because we combine cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise that put our clients — from blue-chips to start-ups — at the top of their game. Our market insight leads the field and we believe in sharing this expertise with you. We’re motivated by your success and coach you every step of the way — wherever we can add value. We don’t think of ourselves as a supplier – we’re on your team. This means when you win, we win too. Our purpose is to make your company stronger by building business partner network.

By providing our services we are simplifying companies communication process and boosting companies growth.

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Our board

John Gabler
Alex Step
CEO of OctoAds
Alex has over 15 years of experience, including a proven track record for developing e-business ventures. As CEO of OctoAds, his focus is to build a global brand of services that help businesses grow partner network and revenue online. Prior to this role, he was CTO of a software development company that provided outsourcing software development services and was developing a wide range of cutting-edge marketing solutions. Alex also sits on the board of product development team and design new tools to improve OctoAds services. When he’s not working, Alex loves spending time staying traveling, including hiking in the woods and cycling.
Sam Hor
Gleb Antonik
R&D manager
Gleb has been Head of business development for a company that provided Outsourced IT Support for almost 5 years when decided to join our team. In his current role, Gleb enjoys working with some of the most creative and interesting people in the industry. Best of all, he gets to develop solutions, so they can make more money. Gleb is a true gym fan. He loves developing himself from all the sides. He loves all the active sport especially rafting and deep diving. When he’s not in the at work, he’s out enjoying life with his friends or relaxing in the gym.
Jon King
Evgeniy Baran
Head of marketing
Evgeniy brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, having over a decade of leadership experience in the performance marketing area, and is a well-known veteran in the industry. He is die hard fan of everything related to marketing. Having huge experience he is currently managing all the OctoAds strategic marketing department. In his spare time, Evgeniy likes fast driving and loud parties. He is strong in dancing and doesn't miss any chance to show his skills.

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